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Pelagic Encounters Information and Photographs

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Dyer Island Cruises Pelagic Encounters

Boat Tours to view and photograph seabirds from Gansbaai, South Africa.

One of the most exciting aspects of a pelagic birding experience is the possibility of encountering a very rare bird. There are no boundaries out at sea, fronts and winds can cause birds to travel far off their normal course. Over 50 species of ocean going birds have been recorded in the waters around South Africa, including 16 of the world’s 21 albatross species.

What to expect
When booking a bird watching trip with Dyer Island Cruises, we will contact you a day before to confirm times with you. Upon arrival at the Great White House, you will receive a brief introductory talk about the conditions, route, safety and what to look for. Coffee, tea and rusks will also be served once you have arrived and sandwiches and beverages will be available on board.

The vessel can take a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 12 clients, each guest are fitted with comfortable life-jackets and waterproof jackets. Always bring warm clothing as it is cooler at sea than on land. The boat carries latest modern navigational equipment including a life raft for emergencies.

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Pelagic Encounters, Gansbaai, South Africa

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juvenile shy albatross



For more information or bookings contact:
Hennie Otto +27 (0)83 295 5307
Cari du Preez
Anwynn Louw

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Dyer Island Cruises offers a variety of opportunities for budding nature enthusiasts and students to volunteer and get involved with our work.

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When you go on a tour with Dyer Island Cruises, you are making an active contribution to wildlife research and conservation.


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Near Hermanus and Cape Town

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