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Plane based wildlife viewing Information and Photographs

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Plane based wildlife viewing photographs

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Dyer Island Cruises Plane based wildlife viewing

What is it all about?  African Wings flying safaris!

South Africa – A place of spectacular and unrivaled natural beauty! From wide open expanses of bushveld teeming with game, through rugged mountain ranges and long stretches of virgin coastline boasting sandy white beaches, South Africa is a tourist paradise.

And there is no better way of taking in the awesome sights of one of the most beautiful landscapes and breathtaking coastlines in the world than from the skies.

Flights are, of course, weather dependent.

In the bushveld and rugged mountain ranges, living in the mainstream is taken in the literal sense. From the great Orange River to the misty spray of Victoria Falls, you’ll soar over the roaring currents with cameras in hand and the horizon in sight. If you feel like getting wet and wild then try out the blood pumping adventures on offer, or if memorable photos are what you are looking for, the picturesque sights are perfect for photography and game viewing.

As we give you an adventure from the skies hanging over the African plains. African Wings flying safaris is the brainchild of brothers Evan and Dave Austin.

We know how challenging it can be for some to take the time off from their lives to experience the wonders of the bush that’s why we have a variety of one-day trips. From the migrating herds of Antelope to the giant whales of the open sea, all can be experienced through African Wings.

We cater for all tastes. Our flights include breakfast, lunch and a game drive where you might be lucky enough to see the big five and other wild animals that roam these lands.

Before each safari, you will be advised on the relevant matters regarding health, local conditions, clothing requirements or discuss any special requirements you or your group may have.

Health and Safety

Our aircraft are maintained in strict accordance with the regulations governing aircraft utilised for public transport. These are the identical regulations to those affecting aircraft used by the airlines, so sit back relax, and enjoy the scenery.

Your pilot has extensive experience of the African Bush and the wildlife of the area having spent most of his youth and subsequent years in the wilderness areas, which you will be visiting. We have personally visited the lodges and organisations, which we use at the various destinations and have satisfied ourselves that their levels of safety and experience are satisfactory to our standards.

We endeavour to choose destinations in malaria free areas but should you choose a destination within such areas we are able to advise on the most effective precautions, which you can take.

Prior to your trip we will forward a package with all relevant precautions as well as suitable equipment and clothing for your trip.

As mentioned above, your pilots have spent their lives travelling the entire area of Southern Africa with their families and clients and have intimate knowledge of local conditions and customs.

About the Brothers

The brothers and co-founders of the company, Evan and Dave Austin, pilot the African Wings fleet. The talented duo, have spent more time in the cockpits of all the light aircraft available on the African continent than on the ground.

Under the guidance of their flying instructor father and their love for Africa, the two have lived a life of aviation from an early age. Their youth was spent flying amongst the eagles over the rich soils of locations like Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana, and Zambia.

Their passion and love for Africa has given many of those adventurers, tourists and even timid travellers out there the chance to experience the primal heart of Southern Africa in the best way possible, from the skies.

Plane tours are provided by African Wings

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Dyer Island Cruises offers a variety of opportunities for budding nature enthusiasts and students to volunteer and get involved with our work.

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When you go on a tour with Dyer Island Cruises, you are making an active contribution to wildlife research and conservation.


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