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“Amazing day. Couldn’t have been better and the staff were great too.” – Karen Thomas
“Truely awesome trip. Well organised, safe and very friendly staff! I’ll be back!” – Mike Uglow
“Awesome trip! Fantastic boat and crew. Will definately be back.” – Ash Jamieson
“Lovely, welcoming staff.” – Ollie Ali

Guide Summary and Photographs

Today was an amazing day out on the water with numerous sightings, many of them unusual.

Our trip started off with some Humpback Dolphins. The pod was swimming in the direction of Franskraal when we spotted them just behind the breakers. This was a large group – as far as Humpback Dolphins are concerned – and it featured two claves, which was awesome to see. We spent a good couple of minutes with them much to the delight of our younger clients. These dolphins are the most endangered marine mammals found along the South African coast line and we feel very privileged to see them so regularly.

After having stopped at a shark-less Slashfin, we headed to the island where some of our crew members and guests managed to see a seal predation. This does not happen every day and it was over in a couple of seconds, much to the disappointment of those of us who didn’t see it. Although not all of us witnessed the predation, all of us managed to spot the very large shark when it circled the shark deterrent testing site.

Following this awesome sight, we head back to Slashfin where we managed to see a tagged Shark. This sharks name is Tiger and we thoroughly enjoyed watching this apex predator go for the bait. Shortly after this, we spotted a large Sunfish or Mola Mola in the shallows. We stayed with this sick-looking fish until it took a deep dive and then we continued on our way back to the harbour.

At this moment, a couple of our crew members had their eyes on a large gathering of birds in the water. Bird-watchers will know that the shape of the bird is usually the first thing that gives away the species. Despite both crew members being able to identify the shape, the sight was so unbelievable that neither of us even considered that it might be penguins, but it was. Around 30 African penguins, a bigger group than any of us have ever seen! These penguins were accompanied by some Sooty Shearwaters. These birds are usually only found in the open sea and so it was a really special sight.

We also saw a Giant Petrel by the island which was also pretty awesome. In conclusion, yet another epic day out at sea.

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