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“Wonderful boat trip. Very well organised, very  informative.” – The Mullar Family

“Great crew! They were so kind while my dad lost his lunch at sea!! Thanks for the moment!” – Walch


Guide Summary and Photographs

After almost a week of being land bound, it was great to be back out on the ocean today. One could feel the anticipation amongst our first group of clients as we head down to the harbour, everyone curious to see what lay behind the breakers.

We set off in the direction of Danger Point in search of the whales, and were not left disappointed! Shortly after stopping for a little African Penguin in the water, we spotted our first blow and stumbled across two majestic Humpback Whales.

These beautiful creatures are currently migrating passed our coast, moving towards the tropical waters of Mozambique and Madagascar to mate and give birth. We stayed with these two for some time, with one giving us a beautiful view of that iconic “whale tail”. We also had a couple more Penguins around, which made the stop all the more memorable.

Following this, we began to make our way towards Dyer Island and it was at this moment that the magic happened. A pod of Bottlenose Dolphins appeared with not 1 but 3 Humpback Whales in their company. This was an absolutely magnificent spectacle as the dolphins approached with whales in tow. We had the Humpback Whales swimming upside down just below the surface, revealing their beautiful white under bellies. We had a couple of curious dolphins bow ride with the boat and it didn’t stop there. From above, we were surrounded by at least 3 Shy Albatrosses, several Sooty Shearwaters and a few of our favourite residential seabird, the Cape Gannet.

We stayed with the animals for as long as what we could, enjoying the close up views to the soundtrack of the humpback whales blowing. Finally, it was agreed that we would leave in order to give our Cape Fur Seals some attention, heading off with hearts content.

After a stop by the seals and Dyer Island, we cruised back to the harbour where we collected our next group for their oceanic excursion. The second trip started a little slower with a couple of shy Humpbacks in the deep sea. After some time, however, we were lucky to have a Humpback approach us, swimming with the boat for quite some time and giving us some great photo opportunities before we made our way east towards Geyser Rock. On the way, we had some Cape Gannets, a couple of Shy Albatrosses and some more Sooty Shearwaters to keep us company along the way.

Before heading into Shark Alley, we took a stop by our sister company, Marine Dynamics, who are trying their luck for White Sharks after 3 weeks without our fishy friends. This has been due to the presence of two Orcas who seem to have acquired a taste for their livers.

Next up, we spent some time with our Cape Fur Seals before checking out Pearly Beach and then heading home for some nice warm soup and homemade bread.

All in all, a great welcome back from 6 days of the sea.















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