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“Great crew. was a good first day.” – James Robertson
“Thank you all. We had a fantastic time on board. very friendly & professional crew.” – Gregor Knapp

Guide Summary and Photographs

The sea looked pretty still from the harbour as we waited to board the Dream Catcher this morning. The weather has been a bit gloomy as of late and so we were pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn’t very cold out at sea today. After launching, we made our way towards the shallows were we spotted a seal feeding. This is always an enjoyable sight as we are reminded that seals are in fact predators and good ones at that.

Today’s visit to Slashfin was an awesome one as we were joined by a 4,5m Great White Shark. The shark found Dream Catcher’s engine vibrations rather intriguing and swam around the boat. It’s quite flattering to know that some animal species find us – and our mechanic’s- as interesting as we find them. After this we watched a particularly active shark go for the bait line.

On the way to the island, there appeared to be a lot of Cape Gannets in the area today. These birds are difficult to ignore due to their beauty and effortless grace. Cape Gannets are listed as a vulnerable species on the IUCN Red List due to their small breeding range and although they are not uncommon in the area, it always feels like a privilege to see them.

Behind the island we were lucky enough to spot a Bryde’s whale. These whales are particularly tricky to see due to the fact that they are a bit shy. We stayed in the area for quite some time in the hopes that this beautiful creature would resurface. Obligingly, the whale came back up again and we were able to view this beautiful creature in its full splendour.

Unfortunately, it was too rough to visit the island today so we made our way to Geyser Rock instead. Here, we observed the seals for quite some time as they went about their usual tomfooleries. We also had a couple of seals show off their porpoising skills right next to the boat which was pretty cool to witness.

Thank you to all of our amazing guests for sharing this experience with us. Overall, another delightful day on the deep blue…

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