What did our guests think?

“Excellent trip, one of the best cruises we’ve been on to date. Highly recommend Dyer Island Cruises.” – Pamela & Ciarán

“Our children keep saying “we hebben zoveel geluk!” which means “we were so lucky!” That doesn’t even begin to describe this experience! It was amazing!” – The Steijnens

“Wow! What an amazing trip – So delighted to see the humpback whales. 🙂 Thank you!” – Mharee & Alistair

“Amazing whale view and a very helpful crew. Thanks a lot! <3” – Karin

Guide Summary and Photographs

We as interns are still shaking while typing this blog from the phenomenal sights the clients and crew got to experience today. Before we even started actively searching for them, two Humpback Whales came into our sight. We stopped our boat and waited for the whales to surface again. We were looking in every direction until our crew member, Kira caught sight of one jump completely out of the water. A breach isn’t something we get from the Humpbacks everyday so, we were happy for those who were looking in the right place at the right time. But then… it happened again… and again… and then, next thing we knew, we had what looked liked Humpbacks flying around our vessel. We all stood there in complete disbelief as to what we were watching as these two Humpbacks breached over and over again throughout the duration of our sighting. Why do whales breach? We may not know for sure, but it is believed that it could be simply play or that it is a method of communication as 65 tonnes of animal hitting the water creates quite the commotion. After watching these two whales for sometime, we noticed at least one other Humpback Whale in the distance which breached in what seemed like a response to the two we were watching more closely. As hard as it was to leave these beautiful animals we parted ways to continue our search for the Marine Big 5.

Our next stop was at Dyer Island where we were able to see some African Penguins and our colony of Cape Fur Seals on Geyser Rock. While admiring the seals, we caught sight of 2 South Right Whales just around the other side of the island. They may not have been flying like our last, but these whales were still beautiful to see as they calmly dove showing us their flukes and resurfaced displaying their unique V-shaped spout.

We then made our way to our sister company, Marine Dynamics to see if there was a Great White Shark around our cage diving site. There didn’t seem to be any around at the time so we moved on back to the harbour catching a nursery pod of Bottlenose Dolphins on the way. Overall, we are simply amazed by what nature presented for us today and it is a trip we will surely, never forget.

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If you would like to get hold of your trip footage, please download the credit card authorization form here to complete and forward it through to bookings@whalewatchsa.com. Please be sure to mention the date and launching time with response. Our team will reply with a direct link to your video footage for download, please allow 72 hours to footage to be uploaded. Download link will be valid for 6 months.For more Whale facts and updates, also “Like” our Dyer Island Cruises Facebook fan page. If you would like to review your trip online to help others choose the right whale watching company, please visit our TripAdvisor page and leave your feedback

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