What did our guests think?

“An amazing journey and an amazing crew! 10 stars” – Ricardo Pinto + Fran Delpado

“It was a truly amazing experience. Crew so friendly + helpful! The whales were beyond expectation and we enjoyed every second!!!” – Annmarie + Jan Kiten

Guide Summary and Photographs

We didn’t find our usual mother-calf pairs today in the Franskraal bay area, but instead found a small mating group!  The mating group consisted of three whales, one massive female and two males.  The large female is probably one of the biggest whales we’ve seen this season and she appeared to have a scrape on her back that looked like an old injury as it had healed over well.  Everyone on board was in awe when the mating group actually came right up to us and rolled to take a look before diving under the boat, even our youngest whale watcher on board was speechless, a young girl just a few months old!  It was fantastic whale activity…

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