What did our guests think?

“A perfect trip with a perfect crew!!! Thank you very much guys! Whales, seals, penguins and sharks…wonderful!” – Domenico + Teresa

Guide Summary and Photographs

Today’s trip was beyond everyone’s expectations! It started off with a quick visit to “Slashfin” our sister company, Marine Dynamics, shark cage diving boat, where we got to watch a Great White shark circle our boat. Once we reached Pearly Beach, it wasn’t long before we spotted a Southern Right whale mother-calf pair. The calf was being very playful, attempting to lay on its mother’s back while she relaxed at the surface.  We were even lucky enough to get a few tail slaps and breaches out of the active little calf! Our luck continued on our way to Geyser Rock as we spotted a small group of Bryde’s whales crossing our path! The Cape Fur seals and African penguins were a beautiful end to our incredible trip… – Yvonne Nuessing (Marine Volunteer)

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