What did our guests think?

“Fantastic trip! Very professional and very happy with all the wildlife we saw, thank you!” – Nigel + Angela

“Outstanding staff, so helpful – thins experience outshone my expectations which were enormous, witnessing the baby seal rescue included xxx” – Jane

Guide Summary and Photographs

I must say that it was an incredibly exciting day at sea! Aside from purely just sighting the Marine Big 5 (whales, sharks, dolphins, seals and penguins), they decided to give us a show as well. It began with a very curious Southern Right whale calf, who approached the boat for a look and decided to swim directly under it. Just a short time later, a pod of Bottlenose dolphins joined our journey and showed off by giving us lots of jumps and spins; of course they were rewarded with a huge applause! We spotted two Great White sharks and decided to stop and take look, at which point one of them decided to completely circle the boat! The day was capped off by the rescue of a new seal pup in open water; we gave him a short rest on the boat and returned him to his family close to Geyser rock. Just another amazing day spent on Whale Whisperer… – Laura Stukus (Marine Volunteer)

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