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Guide Summary and Photographs

The calves were keeping their mums on their toes today, being very active and curious!  We had multiple tail slaps from different calves throughout the day, still trying to build up those swimming muscles.  We saw one calf in the bay that appears to be quite young as he’s still on the small side with very evident birth pleats.  He’s also a very clean calf meaning he has barely any callosities, which will make him easier to identify in the future.  We were fortunate enough to spot our third brindle calf of the season today, this one has a fairly dark head with lots of little dark spots on him resembling a Dalmatian. This little guy, who we’ve decided to nickname “Domino”, came to check the boat out, approaching quite close for us all to have a good look!  It was an excellent display from the calves today…

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