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“Amazing trip with spectacular views. Great!!” – Nancy

“Absolutely fantastic, thank you! Whole crew and the whole staff were great” – Gitta, Raymond, Julian + Kerstin

Guide Summary and Photographs

Today’s trip was beyond everyone’s expectations! Our first spotting this morning was a pod of roughly 20 Bottlenose dolphins feeding on a school of fish, coming up to catch the fish upside down; a sight very rarely seen! Oddly enough, close to the shore in the Pearly Beach area we found a pair of Humpback whales, mother + calf.  They were happily playing at the surface, being flipper happy, laying on their backs and even tail slapping. The Southern Right whales were also putting on a show today, with one calf giving us continuous breaches! On our way to Dyer Island we had the chance to aid a seal pup in need that had been disoriented in deeper water. The crew managed to catch him and return him to shallower waters near Geyser rock for him to arrive back to mum safely! It truly was an amazing day on Whale Whisperer… – Natasha Hinojosa (Marine Volunteer)

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