Whale Conservation South Africa

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Conservation Projects

Faces of Need Penguin project

Our multi-award winning project to research and curb the worrisome decline in the African Penguin population on Dyer Island (90% decline in 30 years) is aimed at protecting these endangered species indigenous to South Africa from environmental factors and natural predators since the removal of the guano on the island left them vulnerable. We have manufactured and placed more than 800 superficial nests on the island and at other breeding colonies to provide them with sheltered homes to protect them from heat stress and the fledglings from predatory birds such as the Kelp Gull.  Keep reading about African penguin nests…

Faces of Need Shark project

We research the feeding, breeding, migrating and behavioural habits as well as various other aspects of the Great Whites by recording sightings, tagging, dorsal fin identification and taking thousands of photos for an ongoing data base in conjunction with various national and international academic and research institutions. Their superior immune system and wound healing capabilities, parasites found on sharks, as well as their interaction with other marine species, are part of the comprehensive and ongoing research.  Keep reading about our white shark research…

Clean Marine Anti-Litter Campaign

This project supports recycling and is aimed at involving local schools and the community in beach-cleanups, marine education and placing unique fishing line bin disposal units along the coast. It was recognised by WESSA and the Blue Flag beach programme and has been rolled out nationally to 27 beaches.  Keep reading about our fishing line bins program…

Whale and Dolphin Disentanglements

Dyer Island Cruises owner Wilfred Chivell is part of the SA Whale Disentanglement Network, led by Oceans & Coasts, and is specially trained and equipped to handle entangled whales and dolphins. Where whales or dolphins are stranded in the area, Chivell and one of the biologists will attend to do sampling and measurement for the Mammal Research Institute of the University of Pretoria and O&C.

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