Whale Watching near Cape Town, South Africa

Welcome to Gansbaai.

Home of the Marine Big 5.

Enter the natural habitat of the Marine Big 5 in South Africa, for the opportunity to see whales, dolphins, penguins, seals and great white sharks!

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Whale Watching and Marine Big 5 Tours in South Africa

Only a 2 hour drive from Cape Town (transport options are available), Dyer Island Cruises offers our guests the potential to see more marine wildlife in one trip, than anywhere else in the country:

  • Board Dreamcatcher - our 5 Star, custom-built whale watching vessel.
  • Enter the home of The Marine Big 5 in comfort.
  • Expert crew and guides attend to your every need.
  • Amazing wildlife photo opportunities.
  • Families of all ages and sizes welcomed on every trip.
  • Annual international award winning company.
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Why choose Dyer Island Cruises?

  • About our boat


    Dreamcatcher is our custom-built, luxurious, 5-Star whale watching vessel, offering 4 deck levels, 360 degree views and comfort.

    About our boat
  • Meet the team

    Expert Crew

    Our specialist team has contributed to ground-breaking research and appeared on various international TV shows across the globe.

    Meet the team
  • Our area

    Shark Alley

    Shark Alley and Dyer Island are world-famous for great white shark sightings and the Marine Big 5 - let us take you there.

    Our area
  • About APSS

    FREE visit to APSS!

    Every one of our guests gets taken on a free visit to the African Penguin and Seabird Sanctuary, to see and learn more about our seabirds.

    About APSS

Whale Watching and Marine Big 5 Tour Prices with Dyer Island Cruises

Whale Season: June to December

  • Under 5's FREE OF CHARGE
  • Under 12's R860pp
  • Adult's R1210pp

A unique experience The Marine Big 5

Dyer Island Cruises' guests have the unique opportunity of potentially seeing all of the Marine Big 5 in a single trip. This is only possible at Dyer Island!

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Make a difference: Conservation Levy

Guests who would like to make a contribution to our ongoing conservation efforts, now have the opportunity to make a contribution as part of their trip cost.


Dyer Island Cruises Partners and Supporters:

  • National Geographic
  • Discovery Channel
  • Blue Flag and Fair Trade
  • Volkswagen South Africa
  • Two Oceans Aquarium
  • African Penguin and Seabird Sanctuary
Dyer Island Cruises species:

The Marine Big 5

One of the many ways in which Gansbaai is a truly unique, special prospect for people who want to work with marine wildlife, is how diverse the area is. Between The Marine Big 5 and countless other species, few places in the world are home to so many incredible animals.

Marine Big 5 Safaris near Cape Town

Species we work with:

  • Great white sharks

    Gracious, beautiful, misunderstood - three words used by guests of Dyer Island Cruises after witnessing South Africa's most infamous marine species: The Great White Shark.

    The Great white shark
  • Dolphins

    The Common bottlenose dolphin is the archetypal, and possibly most famous species of dolphin. They are the most commonly seen dolphin on television and in aquariums.

  • Cape fur seals

    With a local population of 60,000, it's no wonder our guests capture so many photographs of these wonderfully playful marine mammals.

    The Cape fur seal
  • African penguins

    As one of only 17 penguin species left in the world (and the only one on the african continent), the african penguin often breed in offshore colonies, such as Dyer Island.

    The African penguin

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The Dyer Island Cruises team are more than happy to speak with anyone considering a whale watching trip while in South Africa. Between our custom-built tour boat, expert marine guides and luxury facilities, we have everything you need to gaurantee unbeatable value for money.

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We share news and blog articles from across our various wildlife tours and Marine Big 5 adventures. If you want to experience South Africa's incredible marine wildlife for yourself, don't hesitate to get in touch!

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