Why choose Dyer Island Cruises?

Dyer Island Cruises (Whale watching and eco-tours around Dyer Island to view Dolphins, Seals and Marine Birds) offers unparalleled expert knowledge about the entire eco-system.

Written by edna, August 1 2012

Why choose Dyer Island Cruises?

Our motto – Discover Protect Educate

Dyer Island Cruises live by the ‘Discover Protect Educate’ slogan, and we strive to provide you with the utmost conservation oriented and respect ethos offered on the market. Dyer Island Cruises has been certified by Fair Trade Tourism. Since 2008.

Hospitality – Hosting and welcoming facilities

The Great White House (GPS located) in Kleinbaai, will be your welcoming host for the duration of your excursion, with secure parking, accommodation, restaurant, coffee shop, gift shop, conference and education centre, relaxing garden, luxury bathrooms with hot showers and free internet access. This centre is a Wi-Fi hotspot and offers truly unparalleled services in the area, and you will feel comfortable from the moment you step through our doors.

Protecting the environment – Conservation involvement

Wilfred Chivell, owner of Dyer Island Cruises and Marine Dynamics, is certainly the most knowledgeable person about the ecosystem and varied wildlife found on and around Dyer Island. His care and dedication to the health of this sensitive eco-system has lead to the launch of key conservation projects for the area:

African penguin conservation which includes a nest project providing critical protection during the penguin fledgling stage; and in 2015 DICT opened a rehabilitation facility, the African Penguin and Seabird Sanctuary.

Invaluable research on great white sharks by marine biologists includes tagging and tracking, behavioural surveys, wound healing, environmental parameter monitoring and population studies.

Support of whale and dolphin research.

We handle all marine animal rescue, strandings and sampling on our coastline.

Our Environmental Education Programme known as DEEP educates a dedicated group of young learners for three years measuring the impact and growth of each individual.

Marine pollution efforts include the unique fishing line bin project, monthly beach clean-ups, and storm drain catchment nets.


DICT 10 Year Report / DICT 2017-2019 Report

Supporting the Community – Employment opportunities for local community upliftment

We are providing training and job opportunities for people from the local communities to become involved in the booming tourism industry.

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