29 October 2016 | Boat Based Whale Watching

On our two whale watching tours today we saw Bryde's whales, the whales we have here year round...

Written by Dyer Island Cruises, October 29 2016

29 October 2016 | Boat Based Whale Watching

Guide Summary and Photographs

On our two whale watching tours today we saw Bryde’s whales, the whales we have here year round.

We searched our usual whale watching areas around Danger Point and along Pearly Beach on our first tour and did not see any Southern Right whales, but instead found a Bryde’s whale near Pearly Beach. The Bryde’s whales are a little smaller than the Southern Rights and they live here in South African waters all year round, both breeding and feeding here.

We also saw Bryde’s whales on the second tour, this time near Danger Point and were lucky enough to see a mother and calf on this tour. We were also very fortunate to get some looks at a group of Indian Ocean Humpback dolphins on this trip.

On both trips we saw Great White sharks when we stopped at our sister company, Marine Dynamics. At the islands we saw the many Cape Fur seals as usual, and both tours were also lucky enough to see African Penguins, on Dyer Island on the first and sitting on the water for the second trip.














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