08 February 2017 | Wildlife Tours Gansbaai

Our first marine animal of the day was a...

Written by Jax, February 8 2017

08 February 2017 | Wildlife Tours Gansbaai

Guide Summary and Photographs

Another beautiful day out at sea with a full boat and a couple of return guests, which is always awesome. Our first two sightings of the day featured sun fish. These Giant Bony fish where out and about to day, preying on the Box Jellyfish which were pretty abundant in the bay. These fish are known by many different names around the globe, the most common being the Mola Mola, which is its scientific name. We also managed to spot a free swimming Puffer fish which is quite unusual for our trips.

Our next stop was at Dyer Island, where the African Penguins could be seen quite nicely on the skyline of the island, hopping amongst the boulders. After viewing these cute little birds for a bit we made our way into Shark Alley to visit the seals. The little pups are starting to get into the water which is perfectly normal for their age although they are not wondering very far from the island at the moment. These little ones have quite a learning curve ahead of them and sadly we will lose around 50% of them before their first birthday, as the sharks take advantage of their novice swimming.

Following this, we head behind the island were we came across a beautiful group of Cape Gannets in the water. This gave us ample opportunity to marvel and photograph these majestic seabirds. These birds hit the water at incredible speeds whilst fishing and can dive up to 12m down when pursuing prey.

On our way back towards the shallows, there were groups of Cape Cormorant’s flying in their typical V-shaped formation. Once in the shallows, we made our final stop of the day at our sister company, Marine Dynamics. Here we were able to see a Great White Shark before we head back towards the harbour.

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