09 February 2017

This mornings trip started with an awesome....

Written by Jax, February 9 2017

09 February 2017

Guide Summary and Photographs

Our trip today started as most do, with us cruising along the bay in the shallows towards the shark cage diving vessels, until we got a phone call from our sister company, Marine Dynamics. On their way back to the harbour to do a swap over of clients, they spotted the blow of a whale and so we decided to go and check it out.  Changing our route, we head towards Danger Point and managed to spot the cetacean in question, which was none other than a Bryde’s whale.

We spent a full 20 minutes with this majestic creature, watching it come up again and again all around the boat. This particular species are well known for their sporadic movements and so you never really know where they are going to come up which definitely adds to the excitement of all of us on board. After the whale decided to take a deep dive, we head towards Dyer Island.

On the way, we spotted an African penguin and then three more at the island. The first was not shy at all and stayed above the water for a good 5 minutes before we moved on. We spotted some more penguins on Dyer Island and also had a look at the Cape Cormorants, who, despite their abundance on the island are also endangered.

After this we stopped by the seals and our Bank Cormorants. The cape fur seals were doing what they do best; being adorable, smelly and vocal which is always great to see. Often times we forget to appreciate them because there are just so many around but these seals are truly fascinating and remarkable in their own way and are usually my favourite part of the trip.

Following our visit to these ocean pups, we head back towards the shallows where the red tide has really flared up again. Sometimes, one can only really see a light burgundy discolouration to the water but today it was bright red.

After finding nothing too exciting in the shallows, we made our way back to land for some hearty vegetable soup.

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