Daily Trip 01 June 2017

Mother Nature always have a little surprise for us...

Written by Sandra Hoerbst, June 1 2017

Daily Trip 01 June 2017

Guide Summary and Photographs

Mother Nature always have a little surprise for us.

The weather today was wonderful and the slight swell moving in was only noticeable as we launched the boat from Kleinbaai harbour. Just a few minutes after we left port, we got surprised by a pod of around 20 Indo-Pacific Bottlenose dolphins foraging in the bay. We spend some time with these lovely animals before we continued our tour along the coast towards the shark cage diving boats. On the way we were luck and spotted a second pod of Bottlenose dolphins very close to shore playing in the surf, due to the swell we just passed them as we couldn’t move any closer.

Once we stopped by the cage diving boats we had a quick glimpse of a Great White shark before we continued our tour. Today we decided to sail over the reef system towards Pearly Beach to see what we can spot. On our way we managed to see two African penguins. In Pearly Beach we stopped for a few minutes but weren’t lucky to see any activity so we navigated towards the open ocean to find some wildlife and just after a few minutes, Kira spotted a spout of a Bryde’s whale. The whale came up behind our boat first but then was traveling alongside our vessel Dream Catcher. As we were cruising alongside the baleen whale we spotted some more dolphins ahead of us. With the whale alongside us we were moving closer to the dolphins and were excited to see that these were Common dolphins. It’s always great to have them around the boats as they like to bow ride. Everyone on board was fascinated by these beautiful animals. Slowly they changed direction and were heading to a small fishing boat anchored close by and we also continued our tour. But before we could move towards the island we got surprised by a Humpback whale, which was traveling very relaxed close to our boat.

After two different baleen whale species and two different dolphin species we arrived in Shark Alley where we had a closer look at the Cape Fur seals. Surprisingly lots of seals were in the water today cooling down and playing with each other. We also shared some information about Dyer Island which is just next to the seal colony. On the way back we made another pass at the cage diving boats but without any luck. What an amazing day we had, got to see the Marine Big 5 and even more!












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