Daily Trip 16 May 2016

It has been a while that we last said we spotted the Marine Big 5...

Written by Sandra Hoerbst, May 16 2017

Daily Trip 16 May 2016

Guide Summary and Photographs

It has been a while that we last said we spotted the Marine Big 5.

Today was a light westerly breeze blowing but we could barely feel it on the water, it was another perfect flat day. As usual we decided to head straight towards Uilenkraalsmond and continue along the coast towards the shark cage diving boats. Before reaching the cage diving boats where we got to see a white shark we spotted another one of the Marine Big 5. Our wildlife spotter spotted a Indian ocean humpback dolphin. We have encountered this dolphin before, first time we have seen it was in December 2016. Its name is ‘Willie’, named by one of our International Marine Volunteers. The dolphin was traveling alongside our vessel for a few minutes before it continued with his own way. After we ticked off two of the five we were heading to Dyer Island were we got to see some African penguins. As we approached the island one penguin was on its way to find some food. Just around Dyer Island we were cruising through Shark Alley to see the Cape Fur seals in the water and on Geyser Rock.

On our way into deeper water to find some whales, we came across more proposing seals, leaving the island as well as coming back from a hunting trip. Far out in the deep blue sea we were lucky enough to have a quick look at two Bryde’s whales. While busy watching the whales we also spotted numerous seabirds passing the boat. After we have been fortuned to see the Marine Big 5 we happily returned to Kleinbaai harbour.









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