19 March 2016

We set out on Dream Catcher bright and early this morning...

Written by Jax, March 19 2016

19 March  2016

Guide Summary and Photographs

We set out on Dream Catcher bright and early this morning in search of some Humpback dolphins. On the way to the shallows, we were joined by two Sub Antarctic Skua’s who flew alongside us until just past the Uilenkraal river mouth. We found the dolphins just behind the breakers and managed to get a couple of glances at them before they made their way into the waves.

Following this, we enjoyed a nice Great White sighting with Slashfin. We managed to see two out of the -amazing- 14 different White Sharks identified by our resident shark guide, Ally. We watched as the two sharks moved just below the water’s surface, investigating the bait and the decoy. It is awesome to know that there are so many different sharks in the bay.

Our next sighting was of some torpedo’s in tuxedo’s – otherwise known as the African Penguin-. We watched their head’s bop around in the water for a bit and then made our way to the island.

Here, we spotted some more penguins before heading towards our resident seal colony. Last year’s seal pups are beginning to test out the waters which is so cute to be able to witness. The little ones look so excited as they run towards the water and Karli, our guide and videographer,  was spot on when she said that they looked like “noodle’s in a pot of water´ with so many little black bodies slipping and sliding all over the place.

IMG_5924IMG_5923IMG_5906      IMG_5931IMG_5911IMG_5915IMG_5914

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