24 March 2016

At the beginning of our trip, we were greeted with the sight of a...

Written by Jax, March 24 2016

24 March 2016

Guide Summary and Photographs

At the beginning of our trip, we were greeted with the sight of a choppy sea and an overcast sky. Luckily, today’s weathers bark was worse than its bite and we had a surprisingly pleasant day out on the water.

We spotted some Humpback dolphins as we cruised along in the shallows towards the shark cage diving vessels. This specific pod is one that we view quite frequently and we have recorded a couple of the members in our dolphin catalogue.  One dolphin came within close proximity to the boat while the others preferred to wander through the breakers. It was an awesome sighting none the less and one we really enjoyed being able to share with our excited guests.

When we stopped alongside our sister company’s boat, Slashfin, there was a very curious Great White which seemed to have taken a liking to the GoPro stick at the front of the boat. This was very fascinating to watch but, even more fantastic was the display given by the shark shortly before this. The shark had gone for the bait and almost breached out the water. This left us all in absolute awe and was probably the highlight of the trip.

At the island, we managed to spot an elephant seal again! We suspect that this is the same seal that has been in the area for the last couple of weeks and that the seal is malting. Unfortunately, the seal was very well camouflaged against the rocks and so we weren’t able to view her properly.

The Cape fur seals, however, were not the least bit shy and spent some time wallowing around our boat before we made our way out of the alley. There was also a very visible congregation of Baby seals which is a very cute thing to witness.

Overall, another epic day on the ocean.





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