25 March 2016

Our trip today was an exciting one...

Written by Jax, March 25 2016

25 March 2016

Guide Summary and Photographs

Our trip today was an exciting one where we managed to spot two different types of dolphin. After admiring the Sub Antarctic Skua trailing our boat, we made our way through the shallows. The first animal we spotted was a lone Bottle-nose dolphin which was making its way to the breakers.  Today, the dolphins were very playful; slapping the water with their tales and swimming with their belly’s facing up. We also had a Humpback dolphin swim with the boat which is somewhat unusual for this shy species.  This sighting was an absolute delight and something that our younger clients said that they would treasure.

We had a very shy shark at Slashfin today which was a bit of a pity but, luckily, the visibility in the water was great today so our guests were able to view the shark through the water. After this, we made our way to the alley to see our beloved Cape Fur Seals.

One of our guests described the stench of the seals as something that they would be unlikely to forget. When you work on the boat every day, it is very easy to forget that the seals aroma is less than desirable…the clients are often the only reminder of this and it is always pretty humorous to witness their reactions.

When we arrived at Dyer Island, we managed to spot some African penguins lying down, we also manages to spot a couple in the water on the way back to shore. There were also quite a few cape Gannets on the water and we were fortunate to view a dive or two.20160325_DC_Trip1_JBath_IMG_00017 20160325_DC_Trip1_JBath_IMG_00019 20160325_DC_Trip1_JBath_IMG_00024 20160325_DC_Trip1_JBath_IMG_00036 20160325_DC_Trip1_JBath_IMG_00048 20160325_DC_Trip1_JBath_IMG_00052 20160325_DC_Trip1_JBath_IMG_00070 20160325_DC_Trip1_JBath_IMG_00106 20160325_DC_Trip1_JBath_IMG_00122 20160325_DC_Trip1_JBath_IMG_00137 20160325_DC_Trip1_JBath_IMG_00139

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