A Marine Big 4 Kind Of Day, 16 December 2018

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A Marine Big 4 Kind Of Day, 16 December 2018

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We embarked on one eco tour today, setting out on trusty Whale Whisperer and heading on towards Uilenkraalsmond to do a water reading. It did not take us very long to start spotting our animals, with some gorgeous Indian Ocean Humpback Dolphins appearing right next to our boat. We went on to spend the next while hanging out with them in shallow water, enjoying the swell and them popping up all around the vessel, one of the dolphins even jumped a bit, which was a lovely addition to our tour.

Fast forward to the next stop of the day, we got to see the Copper Sharks in all of their glory, glistening in the sun as we pulled up to get a couple of views of these cartilaginous creatures. We watched the sharks for some time, as the seagulls flew overhead.

We then went on over towards our Island eco systems where we picked up a mighty piece of kelp, explaining this fascinating plant before making our way into Sponge bay to point out some African Penguins sitting on the guano covered rocks of Dyer Island. Last but not least, we finished up our tour with a sighting of our Cape Fur Seals on Geyser Rock.

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