A Marine Big 5 Experience, 27 February 2019

A fantastic day with our Marine Big 5....

Written by Jax Bath, March 2 2019

A Marine Big 5 Experience, 27 February 2019

Daily Snaps.

A curious Kelp Gull hitches a ride on Dream Catcher.

2 Juvenile African Penguins.

These birds were super relaxed and we got to spend a few lovely moments watching them.

A seal giving himself a scratch.

A seal practicing his stretches.

A Night Light jellyfish, we cannot get enough of these beautiful little creatures.

This jellyfish was in Shark Alley, notice all the fur and other particles that collect in this area.

A gang of seals travelling together.

A brave little pup.

This little cutie is thermoregulating, but he really looks like he’s saying hi.

The Cape Fur Seals of hospital rock.

African Penguins on the skyline.

A Brydes Whale travelling along.

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