Daily Trip 04 August 2017

We had quite a few Southern Rights out and about today, and they were definitely in the mood to play....

Written by Jax, August 4 2017

Daily Trip 04 August 2017

Guide Summary and Photographs

We had quite a few Southern Rights out and about today, and they were definitely in the mood to play. We also had a Humpback Dolphin on the first trip which was a welcome sight.

Our Southern Right Whale Sightings are definitely picking up, with more and more whales moving into our bay and that of pearly. This is absolutely awesome for us and we can finally breathe a sigh of relief as last year we really struggled with our Southern Right Whale sightings. These whales will generally make a yearly migration into our waters, with hundreds of them gracing our coastline from July to December however, if they do not feed enough or if there is some other disturbance in their environment, they may choose to stay back a year.

However, in a recent aerial survey by the University of Pretoria, there are 237 whales in our waters this year, compared to only 119 last year. This shows that the numbers are definitely up and we’re excited for the rest of the season.

We had some really nice whale action today with mating groups on both trips, both of which we found close to the breakers of Pearly Beach. The highlight on the first trip was a whale who decided to slap the water with one of its pectoral flippers. This is an incredible thing to see and it is definitely enhanced by the sound that comes with it.  One Flipper can weigh in at a whopping 2 tonnes and the sound of it crashing against the water really is quite something.

On the second trip, the highlight was a curious large fellow who made a couple of approaches and decided to indulge us with some beautiful Spy Hopping. These whales have pretty good eyesight and are known to come and check up on things above water, much like Great White Sharks.

In addition to this, we got to watch the whales frolic in the swell for whales felt like hours, although it was only a few minutes. It is always cool to get to see them in this relaxed and playful state, and definitely something we hope to see a lot more of in the very near future.










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