Pelagic Birding Tour, 21 July 2019

We set out at around 9 am in search of some seabirds...

Written by Jax Bath, July 25 2019

Pelagic Birding Tour, 21 July 2019

Trip Summary.

We had a fantastic birding tour out today, spotting over 15 different species of seabird. There was a gap in the weather, so we decided to head out to see what the ocean had in store for us. With some sunshine on the sea, we made the long journey out to the trawling vessels, enjoying the freedom of the open ocean.


Once we reached the trawling boats, the real birding began, with petrels, albatross and more sitting on the water or taking to the sky-A full list of birds included below-. We also had many Cape Gannets around, which is always a wonderful sight as they were recently reclassified as an endangered Species.  In total, we spotted 3 different species of Albatross, with an unconfirmed sighting of a Wandering Albatross in the distance.


We also had a variety of petrels around the boat with the Pintado Petrels out in full force. It was great to see so many bobbing about in the water and we also got some good looks at a Wilson Storm Petrel or two, as well as a few White Chinned Petrels.


The highlight for most aboard the boat was the sight of a Southern Fulmar, which only Wilfred, our owner and avid birder, has seen before. These birds breed in Antarctica but move further north in the winter months and is considered a true petrel. We got some fantastic photo opportunities of this wonderful white bird, which we’ve included below.


Other enjoyable sights included watching the birds and the seals battle it out for some fish discard. The open ocean takes no prisoners and these animals must do whatever it takes to survive this harsh and so often desolate environment. After taking in the splendor and diversity around the boats, we made our way back into port with memories to last a lifetime.

Bird List:

  1. Shy Albatross
  2. Indian Yellow-Nosed Albatross
  3. Black Browed Albatross
  4. Southern Fulmar
  5. Wilson Storm Petrel
  6. White Chinned Petrel
  7. Sooty Shearwater
  8. Giant Petrel (Could not ID Northern Or Southern)
  9. Sub Antarctic Skua
  10. Cape (Pintado) Petrel
  11. Cape Gannet
  12. Common Tern
  13. Antarctic Tern
  14. Bank Cormorant
  15. Kelp Gull
  16. Hartlaubs Gull
  17. Antarctic Prion

Best Shots.


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