The Marine Big 5, 06 March 2019

What a day out at sea!

Written by Jax Bath, March 7 2019

The Marine Big 5, 06 March 2019

Guide Summary.

We are getting incredibly lucky with our sightings, once again spotting the Marine Big 5 on our tour today which included a stunning Brydes Whale encounter. We began our trip in shallow water, hugging the coast and trying to make or way to the Uilenkraalsmond Estuary. We did not get far however, when an Indian Ocean Humpback Dolphin popped back up. On closer inspection, we were elated to see Oupa, one of our favourite dolphins, who was also sighted a few days prior. After watching Oupa surface and getting some nice, close passes, we decided to head on over to the shark cage diving boats where we were in for a great surprise.

When we first stopped, the activity was a little slow but quickly picked up and we got some nice sights of a couple of Copper Sharks hanging out in front of Slashfin. At this point, we caught word of a Great White Shark in the area and to our absolute elation, we got to see this massive, iconic predator surface, showing off its gorgeous dorsal fin. To see two different shark species on a trip is a real treat, and we could not have been more thrilled.

After getting our sharkie fix, we head on over towards Dyer Island where we spotted some African Penguins sitting on their home, we’d gotten a couple of some penguins in the water a little earlier on, when we were watching a mega flock of Cape Cormorants descending on the water, but it is always great to see them on their home.

Shark Alley was next on the agenda, where we had lots of seals having fun in the water. What was particularly interesting for us today, was how many seals where playing with kelp. Young and old, the seals seemed to be having an absolute ball throwing the kelp about, just like a Labrador with its favorite toy.

We then ventured behind the island, where we found thousands and thousands of seabirds. White Chinned Petrels, Sooty Shearwaters, Cape Gannets Galore, Corey Shearwaters, it was really a sight to behold. We spent some time watching these birds, in absolute awe of their shear numbers. We then set out towards the west, where we spotted a spout. We had come across a Brydes Whale, and a super relaxed one at that. This whale kept swapping sides, but all throughout he would stay next to the boat, surfacing meters away and giving us memories sure to last a lifetime.

The very relaxed Brydes Whale.

It’s not everyday they come up so close!

One last look.

Oupa travelling alone.

We’ve had this dolphin around for many years now.

A closer look at his distinctive dorsal fin.

Oupa just as he surfaced.

The Great White Shark!

The ever stunning Copper Shark.

Another view of a Copper Shark

Ed picked up Sally, our seal decoy.

Can you spot the African Penguin?

Tomfoolery in the water.

A little seal doing some talking.

The Prince Port.

Our pups practicing their swimming.

Sooty Shearwaters, A White Chinned Petrel, A Corey Shearwater and a juvenile Cape Gannet in one frame.

A Corey Shearwater in flight.

Cape gannets, an ocean beauty.

A race between a Sooty Shearwater and a Cape Gannet.

The Sooty looks like he’ll take the prize.

So many birds.

A White Chinned Petrel scoring a meal.

The Brydes Whale.

A good look at the back.

A Night Light Jellyfish.

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