01 September 2013

It was a little choppy on the water today but the conditions were good enough for us to finally get out to sea again...

Written by Helen, September 1 2013

01 September 2013

Guide Summary and Photographs

It was a little choppy on the water today but the conditions were good enough for us to finally get out to sea again!  The whales were waiting patiently for us in the Franskraal area, where we found a small mating group, and two mother-calf pairs.  We were lucky enough to have a few close approaches from the whales, including a half breach which took us all by surprise as it was right beside the boat!  One of the mother-calf pairs was also being very friendly and came quite close to the boat, enough for us to see that the young calf appears to have a skin condition.  The mother gave a nice smile for the camera, opening her mouth up for us! It was a great welcome back from the whales…

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