05 November 2013

Well, I’ll start by saying that it was the most diverse whale trip in six years, or so I've been told...

Written by Marine Volunteer, November 5 2013

05 November 2013

Guide Summary and Photographs

Well, I’ll start by saying that it was the most diverse whale trip in six years, or so I’ve been told! We spotted a mother-calf pair of three different whale species (Southern Right, Humpback, and Bryde’s) all in about two hours. That doesn’t even count the thousands of Cape Fur seals and Cape cormorants we saw, along with the occasional African penguin.  What other evidence can I provide to attest to the fact that I must be a good luck charm? Well, let’s see; we saw a fully-grown Humpback whale breach repeatedly – not once, not twice, not even three times, I counted 17 continuous breaches over the course of about 30minutes. In fact, there might have been more, as we had to leave the breaching whale before the air display was over in order to make sure the clients didn’t miss their transport! A huge thank you to Dickie & the whale crew for an amazing day… – Hunter Stanely (Marine Volunteer)

20131105_WW_Trip1_KMatiwane_IMG_0063 20131105_WW_Trip1_KMatiwane_IMG_0053 20131105_WW_Trip1_KMatiwane_IMG_0069 20131105_WW_Trip1_KMatiwane_IMG_0092 20131105_WW_Trip1_KMatiwane_IMG_0091 20131105_WW_Trip1_KMatiwane_IMG_0120 20131105_WW_Trip1_KMatiwane_IMG_0042 20131105_WW_Trip1_KMatiwane_IMG_0020 20131105_WW_Trip1_KMatiwane_IMG_0075 20131105_WW_Trip1_KMatiwane_IMG_0016 20131105_WW_Trip1_KMatiwane_IMG_0116-002 20131105_WW_Trip2_KMatiwane_IMG_0033 20131105_WW_Trip2_KMatiwane_IMG_0026 20131105_WW_Trip2_KMatiwane_IMG_0011 20131105_WW_Trip2_KMatiwane_IMG_0020 humpback injured dorsal 20131105_WW_Trip1_KMatiwane_IMG_0134 20131105_WW_Trip1_KMatiwane_IMG_0074-001 20131105_WW_Trip2_KMatiwane_IMG_0046

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