08 September 2013

It was an overcast day with a bit of drizzle but the weather didn’t deter the whale sightings...

Written by Helen, September 8 2013

08 September 2013

Guide Summary and Photographs

It was an overcast day with a bit of drizzle but the weather didn’t deter the whale sightings!  We found four different mother-calf pairs throughout the bay today and the calves were all being very friendly and playful, and one young one was even resting on its mothers back.  On our second trip we were fortunate enough to watch one of the calves breaching through the swells, it was the calf that we recognize based on a large white spot in the middle of its back, who’s probably about three or four months old now.  Just as we left the breaching calf to visit whales at another area of the bay, its mother began to breach in the distance as if calling us back to them, and who can say no to an invitation like that!  Can’t wait to see what the whales have in store for us tomorrow…   

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