10 August 2013

We had absolutely fantastic trips out today...

Written by Helen, August 10 2013

10 August 2013

Guide Summary and Photographs

We had absolutely fantastic trips out today! The Southern Right whales were being really friendly, having two of them swim right underneath the boat.  We were also surrounded by the whales at one point, so that there was not a single direction you could look without seeing a Southern Right!  We got to help out the National Geographic team, who are doing some research from the sharks eye view by attaching non-invasive cameras to their dorsal fins, by picking up two of the cameras which had self released from the sharks and were floating in the water.  Just as we had entered shark alley to view the Cape Fur seals on our last trip today we all got to witness a predation from a Great White shark, who was roughly 4m in size, that came right up to Geyser rock and snatched an unsuspecting seal.  It was the perfect end to an incredible day…

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