16 October 2013

There were lots of mother-calf pairs around today, although the young ones are getting so big it doesn't seem right to refer to them as calves...

Written by Helen, October 16 2013

16 October 2013

Guide Summary and Photographs

There were lots of mother-calf pairs around today, although the young ones are getting so big it doesn’t seem right to refer to them as calves!  We saw a new mother-calf pair in the bay, but Kira soon recognized the mother from last year due to the lovely white chin she has, and sure enough her calf has a cute little white chin to match. These two weren’t alone however, they were being followed by a young male who likely hasn’t managed to mate yet. He appeared to be trying his luck with the mother , she wasn’t having any of it though!  The whales weren’t the only entertainment, over at Geyser rock the seals were jumping everywhere and the African penguins were ready and waiting for us at Dyer Island.  Can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring…

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