17 October 2013

Somebody must have had a good luck charm with them today, because the wild life was outstanding...

Written by Helen, October 17 2013

17 October 2013

Guide Summary and Photographs

Somebody must have had a good luck charm with them today, because the wild life was outstanding!!! The day started with finding a small mating group on our first trip, who were being very active, a nice treat as we haven’t found a mating group in a while.  The males were likely just happy to have found a female in the area still willing to mate with them! On our second trip, not only did we find our second brindle calf of the season, but he put on quite a breaching show for us! His activity must have encouraged the other calves in the bay to join in, as we could see two more calves breaching around us.  Just as we thought the day couldn’t get any better, our third trip started off with a large pod of Bottlenose dolphins just outside the harbour!  It was truly an incredible day…

20131017_WW_Trip1_HPattullo_IMG_0022 20131017_WW_Trip2_HPattullo_IMG_0306 20131017_WW_Trip3_HPattullo_IMG_0769 20131017_WW_Trip1_HPattullo_IMG_0004 20131017_WW_Trip1_HPattullo_IMG_0088 20131017_WW_Trip2_HPattullo_IMG_0358 20131017_WW_Trip3_HPattullo_IMG_0474 20131017_WW_Trip1_HPattullo_IMG_0203 20131017_WW_Trip2_HPattullo_IMG_0368 20131017_WW_Trip2_HPattullo_IMG_0369 20131017_WW_Trip2_HPattullo_IMG_0370 20131017_WW_Trip3_HPattullo_IMG_0560 20131017_WW_Trip1_HPattullo_IMG_0206 20131017_WW_Trip1_HPattullo_IMG_0062 20131017_WW_Trip1_HPattullo_IMG_0228 20131017_WW_Trip1_HPattullo_IMG_0096 20131017_WW_Trip1_HPattullo_IMG_0231 20131017_WW_Trip2_HPattullo_IMG_0236 20131017_WW_Trip2_HPattullo_IMG_0238 20131017_WW_Trip2_HPattullo_IMG_0429 20131017_WW_Trip2_HPattullo_IMG_0456 brindle 20131017_WW_Trip2_HPattullo_IMG_0377 20131017_WW_Trip1_HPattullo_IMG_0077 20131017_WW_Trip3_HPattullo_IMG_0791 20131017_WW_Trip2_HPattullo_IMG_0354 20131017_WW_Trip2_HPattullo_IMG_0442 20131017_WW_Trip1_HPattullo_IMG_0198 20131017_WW_Trip3_HPattullo_IMG_0803 20131017_WW_Trip1_HPattullo_IMG_0191 20131017_WW_Trip3_HPattullo_IMG_0745

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