25 April 2017

After two very windy days, we were...

Written by Jax, April 26 2017

25 April 2017

Guide Summary and Photographs

After two very windy days, we were all very glad to head out to sea again today. Whilst travelling through the shallows, we were joined by two inquisitive Sub Antarctic Skuas. These birds are highly opportunistic feeders, so it is not surprising that they approach us in search of food.

After this, we stopped at our sister company, Marine Dynamics, to explain how our diving operation works before moving into The Clyde Reef system. The Clyde provides a lovely shelter for many marine creatures. This also attracts predators to the area such as the endangered Bank Cormorant and the Crowned Cormorants, who both enjoy feeding along these shallow areas.

When we arrived at Dyer Island, we found it to be pretty empty, with most of the Cape Cormorants out at sea. This made it easy to point out a couple of African Penguins who were waddling along the pebbles. It was especially great to spot them today, seeing is it is World Penguin Day.

After stopping at our resident Cape Fur Seal Colony, we head out into the open ocean behind the island in search of some bird activity or, better yet, a Whale. The ocean has been pretty devoid of cetaceans as of late and so we were incredibly excited when Kira managed to spot a Brydes Whale very close to the boat.

Once we stopped to view them, we realised that this was a mother calf pair, which was awesome as the calves have to surface a little more often than their parents, making for a beautiful sighting.

Our second trip took place in the golden hour, which provide some wonderful photographic opportunities for us all. We spotted some African Penguins in the water and had a Great time with our Cape Fur Seals before returning just before sunset.

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