Trip Log 29 October 2012

What a beautiful sunny day and .. what colors! The sea was turquoise and nature seemed to enjoy the spring! But we were in the Maldives Island or South Africa?

Written by michelle, November 9 2012

Trip Log 29 October 2012

Guide Summary and Photographs

What a beautiful sunny day and  stunning colors in the water!

The sea was turquoise like yesterday and nature seemed to enjoy the spring! But were we in the Maldives Islands or in South Africa? The Whales were very happy and relaxed and we had very close approaches! Those animals are incredibly sociable, and curious. One Big Mama Whale and her “smiling baby” came to say us HELLO! Take a look to the picture, that kid was so lucky to see the gentle giant of the ocean… a real dream for him and his parents!

At Geyser Rock we found more bull Cape Fur seals and they were very busy to conquer the females showing their massive beauty on the top of the rocks and this morning there was one clearly very proud of his good looks! …. ooo Nice !


Written by michelle

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