13 April 2016

We were very lucky to see a...

Written by Jax, April 13 2016

13 April 2016

Guide Summary and Photographs

We had a 10:00 start on our beautiful boat, the Dream Catcher, this morning. We made our way towards the shallows in search of some Humpback Dolphins who have been pretty elusive over the last couple of days and, after exhausting our search, we made our way over the Slashfin for a quick visit.

Today’s visit to Slashfin was a very special one as we were able to see one of our newest crew members hard at work. Prince, who has been working in the restaurant for 6 years, had his dream come true two days ago when he was offered a position on our shark boat. It was both heart-warming and inspiring and all of us on Dream Catcher wish Prince the best of luck on his new venture.

Back to our animals, we had a wonderful time at the boat as we had one particularly active shark go for the bait. Even after the bait was back on the boat, the shark continued its performance by writhing its entire body less than a metre from the cage, this to the absolute delight of our shark cage divers. We also had a large shark swim right next to our boat on its way to investigate Slashfin’s engines.

Following this, we found ourselves in the world-famous Shark Alley where we paid a visit to our penguins and our seals. We managed to spot a couple of penguins on Dyer Island between the cormorants, before we took a turn past our favourite fur-covered marine mammals.

On our way back to the harbour, we spotted the shy Bryde’s Whale. This beautiful creature was very relaxed around the boat and came up beautifully not once but three times, exposing a large proportion of its body which is not always the case with these whales. The third time was the most stunning with Quoin Point in the background. After this, the whale took a deep dive which we took as a signal to head back home to the Great White House for some Warm soup and sandwiches.










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