13 October 2016 | Whale Watch Tours

It was great to be back out at sea after two days on land due to bad weather...

Written by Sandra Hoerbst, October 13 2016

13 October 2016 | Whale Watch Tours

Guide Summary and Photographs

It was great to be back out at sea after two days on land due to bad weather.

Before we found the whales we stopped at the shark cage diving vessels, anchored in the Jubertsdam. We were once lucky again and got to see some Great White sharks. We spent the day with a cow-calf pair close to a reef system. It was a beautiful baby Southern Right whale, with some white patches all over its back. The mother was quite relaxed around our vessel, while we were busy watching their behaviour.

We also passed our Cape Fur seal colony during our trip, the sharks favourite meal. A lot of them were resting on their 3ha island Geyser Rock and some other were having some fun in the waters of the world famous Shark Alley. Unfortunately we still had a few swells running in today after the storm, so we couldn’t go closer to Dyer Island to see the African Penguins.

On the first trip we’ve also been spoiled and also got to see some Bottlenose dolphins on the way around Dyer Island. Some of them came closer to our vessel and were bow riding ‘Dream Catcher’ for a little while before we had to cruise back to the harbour.














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