14 April 2016

A beautiful day filled with 4 of the Marine Big 5….

Written by Jax, April 14 2016

14 April 2016

Guide Summary and Photographs

A beautiful day filled with 4 of the Marine Big 5….

Today’s trip was both relaxing and delightful. We managed to find our Humpback dolphins again as it seems that they have moved back into the bay. We stayed with them for a while but, unfortunately, they seemed to prefer swimming in the breakers today which meant that we could not get too close. We enjoyed the sighting none the less as it is always beautiful to see the dolphins with Franskraal beach as a backdrop. We also managed to spot very large White Shark cruising through the shallows.

Our next sighting was of a large raft of African Penguins. There were just under 10 penguin all swimming together which was absolutely awesome to see. On our eco tours, we usually only see a couple of penguins together and so we thoroughly enjoyed today’s little ones, particularly because they stuck around for quite some time. This allowed for us to admire these beautiful little birds in their natural habitat, something which is becoming increasingly rare due to the rapid decline of this species.

Following this, we visited our seals and enjoyed their antics for several minutes. The seal pups are becoming more confident in their swimming and are starting to move a little further away from the island. This is right around the time the shark cage diving operators call the “transitional period”, this is when the sharks begin to move towards the island for the winter months. We’re looking forward to having the sharks back around the island although we are also, admittedly, a little nervous for the cute little seal pups.

Our stop at Slashfin was brief and we managed to see one white shark here. When we stopped, the presence of red tide in our waters became very apparent.  We hope that this clears up soon as it decreases water visibility and it is also potentially toxic.  On our way back to the harbour, we spotted a lone Humpback Dolphin and stopped for a brief moment before returning home.

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