15 November 2016 | Marine Big 5 Safari

After a couple of days we were unable to get to sea due to the weather, we went out on two trips today...

Written by Dyer Island Cruises, November 16 2016

15 November 2016 | Marine Big 5 Safari

Guide Summary and Photographs

After a couple of no trips due to bad weather we went out on two whale watching excursions today.

We are nearing the end of our 2016  Southern Right whale season as many of the whales have already left to go south to their feeding grounds off the sub-Antarctic. However, we were very lucky and managed to find a mother and calf in the Pearly Beach area today, just as we were about to give up the search.

On the first tour the mother whale gave us some lobtailing action, slapping her huge fluke on the surface of the water. It is always incredible to see the Southern Right whales flukes, one of the biggest in the whale kingdom. We also got to see two Indian Ocean Humpback dolphins on this tour and they came very close to our boat, giving us great looks.

On the second tour we went back to Pearly Beach and again spent time with the mother and her calf. This time it was the calf’s turn to wave its tail in the air, and it did this three times.

On both tours we also got to see the Cape Fur seals at Geyser Rock and a Great White shark by our sister company Marine Dynamics.




















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