17 April 2017

4 of the Marine Big 5 including the elusive...

Written by Jax, April 17 2017

17 April 2017

Guide Summary and Photographs

Despite the wind, it was a warm, sunny day out at sea with a couple of lovely sightings. For the first time in a long time, our Indian Ocean Humpback dolphins decided to come out and play which was a great end to a relatively quiet Easter Weekend. We spotted the dolphins whilst moving towards Slashfin, they were in the breakers when we stopped but, we were fortunate enough to have them move in closer for some great views. Sadly, it I believed that there are less than 500 of these unique cetaceans left. They face many threats along our coast, which includes the dumping of harmful pesticides into our waters, which accumulates in their fat hump.

Slashfin was the next port of call. We had one Great White Shark circle below our boat for a bit, checking out our engines which give off vibrations, which really seem to attract these large predatory creatures. We also got to watch one go for the bait before we made our way to our very own birders paradise, Dyer Island.

Just before the island, we had a little African Penguin bobbing around in the water. It is not unusual to find them alone and this little guy seemed unbothered by our presence so we stuck around to watch him for a bit. After checking out his relatives on the island we took a ride through the famous shark alley before cruising by Geyser Rock.

Here, we spotted something quite tragic. One ape Fur Seals has managed to get itself entangled in a fishing net which has cut into this poor creature’s neck. This was a sad reminder for all of us on board that, every piece of litter that ends up in the ocean has the potential to seriously harm our wildlife.

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