19 April 2016

It was a misty day out at sea today....

Written by Jax, April 19 2016

19 April 2016

Guide Summary and Photographs

It was a misty day out at sea today and it rained as we set off on our eco-tour.  Shortly after departing, we were joined by not one but three Sub-Antarctic Skua’s. These birds often fly with the boats as they are opportunistic and always looking for a bite to eat. This gives our guests the awesome opportunity to appreciate the bird’s beauty from less than a meter away.

Our next sighting was that of the Humpback dolphins, they were not in the breakers today which allowed for us to get a little closer to them. They stayed around the boat for quite some time, ensuring that we were all able to view them wonderfully.

When we stopped at a Shark Cage Diving vessel, we were able to see one Great White which went for the bait a couple of times. After having all seen the shark, we made our way towards the island.

On our way, we stopped for a lone African Penguin. This penguin was no very shy and only dived down after having spent several minutes on the surface with us.

Dyer Island was choc-a-bloc with Cape Cormorants today as it seems that they have all returned to the island. The same goes for our Cape Fur Seals on Geyser Rock. This mini-island has been empty for quite some time and so it is nice to see it covered in our furry little friends.

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Written by Jax

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