21 March 2016

Big swells and great birds…

Written by Jax, March 22 2016

21 March 2016

Guide Summary and Photographs

Today’s trip began with a bit of drizzle on a choppy sea. Luckily, the rain stopped just as we made our way out of the harbour towards Dyer Island. After a couple of minutes out at sea we managed to spot some African penguins, these little guys were in search of some fish and paid little attention to us as we cruised by.

Our next sighting was impossible to miss and awesome to see. Thousands of Cormorants began to fly in the direction of the boat which was an amazing sight for our guests. Seeing these birds in such large numbers is always a treat and it definitely added an air of excitement amongst all on the boat.

Following this, we spotted the beautiful and distinctive Cape Gannets as they flew in the distance. There were also a few Giant Petrels in our midst. Although drab in colour, these birds have an elegance to them that few sea birds share.

As we approached Geyser Rock, our guests got their first whiff of our resident seal colony. We stayed around the island for quite some time before we head off to try and spot a Bryde’s whale. We found this majestic creature relatively quickly as it swam just behind Geyser rock. Although the whale did not stick around for very long, we thoroughly enjoyed its presence.

We visited the shark cage diving vessels next, where we saw a beautiful Great White Shark who had taken an interest in the bait line. The shark also swam around our boat which allowed for us to view her perfectly as she moved through the water.




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