21 March 2017

A perfect sea day with not one but two Brydes Whales...

Written by Jax, March 21 2017

21 March 2017

Guide Summary and Photographs

The conditions out at sea could not be more perfect at the moment with minimal swell and wind. With this in mind we had another great day at work with a couple of cool animal sightings and a very special friend on board.

Our first marine friend of the day was a Cape Fur Seal who had caught himself some breakfast in the shallows. This is always very cool to see as these guys are unable to hold food in their flippers and so they need to flick their prey up into the air, using force to break off pieces small enough to swallow. This guy was pretty lucky as sometimes the seals have to travel 100’s of kilometres to find food.

Later on in the trip, we had some Swift Terns and some Cape Cormorants around. Both of these birds are a good indication of schooling fish which attract marine mammals, like the Brydes whale we spotted shortly after the birds. We managed to get a good view of this majestic specimen. This particular species does not have a large annual migration and we have a resident population just off of our coast.

Next up, we stopped at Geyser Rock for a bit for our daily dose of our Cape Fur Seal colony. These guys were pretty pungent today but it’s not only the seals to blame for this ripe odour, we also have stagnant pools of water which tend to sink on days were the temperature is a little higher, kind of like today. We also had another Brydes later on in the trip as well as a little African penguin in the water.

Today, we were also joined by return guest and special friend, Bangu Masisi on board with us. She is the President of South African Tourism in the United States and it is always nice to have people like Bangu around, as she definitely shares our love of South Africa and the tourism industry in general.

Like many of our clients, she also enjoys the adventure that every new day on our beautiful Dream Catcher brings.

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