Daily Trip 21 May 2017

The trip started of partly cloudy but it cleared up very soon...

Written by Sandra Hoerbst, May 21 2017

Daily Trip 21 May 2017

Guide Summary and Photographs

The trip started of partly cloudy but it cleared up very soon. Our first sighting for the day was just passed Uilenkraalsmond. We spotted a small group of Indian Ocean Humpback dolphins. Within the group of four individuals we spotted our #012 with her new born calf. It has been the second time we have seen them together. The first time we spotted them was closer to Danger Point a few days ago. Today they were very relaxed and traveling alongside our vessel. She did even allow her calf in between her and the boat.

After spending some time with these dolphins we got a call from our sister company, Marine Dynamics that they spotted a few Bottlenose dolphins passing by their shark cage diving vessel. So we went to go and look for them, and luckily found them shortly. We spend a few minutes with these dolphins as they were on their own mission and were moving quite fast towards the open sea. We returned to the shark cage diving boats in the hope to see a white shark, but haven’t been luck this time. But as we stopped there we spotted some more Humpback dolphins, a different group this time, also four individuals traveling together. Within this group we also encountered some known animals like Fingers as well as Captain Hook with her calf BigZ.

Before we reached Dyer Island we spotted two African penguins in the water. We also tried to see more of them on the island, but it turned out to be quite tricky between all the Cape cormorants. At least we weren’t struggling to see the Cape Fur seals on Geyser Rock. Geyser Rock is a smaller island behind Dyer Island and home to about 50.000 seals.

As we were heading into deeper water to find some whales we also came across Sooty shearwaters gliding over the water. And our best spotter Kira, found a Bryde’s whale for us. It was traveling alongside the boat so we could have a great look ant snap some pictures of the 14m animal. What a successful day out on the water.










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