21 September 2016 | Marine Big 5 Safari

Once again the weather was kind to us today and we had two calm and sunny tours...

Written by Dyer Island Cruises, September 21 2016

21 September 2016 | Marine Big 5 Safari

Guide Summary and Photographs

Once again the weather was kind to us today and we had two calm and sunny tours.

On the morning tour we found two Southern Right whales not too long into the trip. One of the whales was very calm and remained at the surface for a long time, just travelling slowly next to the boat. We got some really nice looks at this whale close to our boat, Dream Catcher.

On the afternoon tour we had a long search for whales and we were starting to worry we were not going to find any, when all of a sudden we found a whale close to Geyser Rock and this whale started breaching! Breaching is when whales jump out of the water and it is certainly not something we see every day. This adult Southern Right whale breached a number of times, ensuring that everyone got a proper sight of it. The whale also lifted its tail out of the water, and we then noticed there was a second whale close by as well. On this trip we were also lucky enough to see a very big Great White shark next to one of the shark cage diving boats. It was a brief but awesome sighting.

On both the trips we also visited the Cape Fur seal colony on Geyser Rock and watched the seals playing around and the waves splashing over the rocks. Dream Catcher also looked at Dyer Island where our endangered African penguins live and on the second tour we saw one penguin sitting on the island, at a distance. Passengers on our boats are encouraged to try and help these endangered birds by making a donation to build more penguin houses for the island, to give the breeding penguins the shelter they lost when the island was cleared of guano in the past.













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