23 March 2016

We saw the Marine Big 5...twice over!

Written by Jax, March 24 2016

23 March 2016

Guide Summary and Photographs

Today was another perfect day out at sea. We managed to see the Marine big 5 twice over which was absolutely awesome! The weather has cleared up which resulted in both trips taking place in the famous South African sunshine on a relatively flat sea.

On the first trip, we had one very curious Humpback dolphin who swam along with the boat for quite some time. It was awesome to share this experience with the children on the boat who enjoyed it thoroughly. We were also lucky to have an active shark around the cage when we stopped by Slashfin. We watched with glee as the shark showcased its entire upper body while attempting to catch the bait. After this, we spotted some penguins in the open water before visiting Geyser Rock and spotting a Bryde’s whale.

After refuelling the boat, we head out again towards the shallows.

The second trip took place on an even calmer sea. It was a beautiful time to be on the water and we managed to spot a pod of Humpback dolphins which included a mother and calf. These dolphins also approached the boat and gave our clients a fantastic performance as they moved in every direction. We had another active shark at Slashfin and after viewing it for a couple of minutes, we made our way to the island where we spent some time with the seals. Between the shallows and the island, we managed to spot another group of African penguins at sea. Considering their rapidly declining numbers, we are always thrilled to see these little birds gliding through the water.

Spotting a Bryde’s whale is not always easy and so we were pretty fortunate to have one on both trips. The first animal only gave us a few glimpses before moving off however, the second whale stayed within our vicinity long enough for us to have an awesome close-up experience. When these whales dive down, they can stay underneath the water for about 20 minutes which always causes a lot of anticipation amongst all on the boat. Only after calling it quits and deciding to head back to shore, did the second whale came up only several meters away.

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