23 March 2017

Frolicking marine mammals on a big 5 kind of day...

Written by Jax, March 24 2017

23 March 2017

Guide Summary and Photographs

We haven’t seen our Indian Ocean Humpback Dolphins in a while and so it was a nice surprise to find two frolicking just in front of Uilenkraalsmond. They are the rarest marine mammal in the area so every sighting is savored to the tea.

Next up, we stopped by our company’s research vessel, Lwazi. This was pretty cool as they were in the process of actively tracking Brian, a 3.5m male Great White Shark which we had acoustically tagged only the day before.

After an overcast morning, the weather started to clear when we were on our way to Dyer Island which brightened up the iconic seascape in front of us. Dyer Island is home to 27 different sea bird species and we stopped to admire the island for a bit before doing our daily visit to our Cape Fur Seal Colony.

Here, Karli was able to snap some epic photos of the little guys playing in the surf. Often, people think that playing is only the characteristic of human children but, from the photos below, one can see that marine animals love it too. Playing at a young age teaches both children and young animals a like, many important skills which will be used all throughout their lives.

Soon, the Great Whites will move back into the area and then these furry creatures will need to be on high alert so that they do not end up as lunch for a shark with the munchies.

We ended the trip on a high note with the shyest of the Marine Big 5, the Brydes Whale, completing our checklist.

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