Daily Trip 24 June 2017

After two no sea days the swells did calm down a lot as well as the wind...

Written by Sandra Hoerbst, June 24 2017

Daily Trip 24 June 2017

Guide Summary and Photographs

After two no sea days due to weather conditions, we had calm seas and almost no wind on our tour. Blue skies and sunshine was the order of the day as we began launched our trip from our Kleinbaai slipway.

Close to the lighthouse we spotted some spouts and approached the whales accordingly. The two humpback whales we encountered were very relaxed around our vessel and traveled with us. We were with them for quite a while, before they took another deeper dive and showed us their beautiful flukes. During our encounter with the whales we also got to see some amazing seabirds. We spotted a few Shy albatrosses, Sooty shearwaters and Sub-Antarctic skuas resting on the water and gliding in the air and not to forget the African penguin.

Just before we could get to Dyer Island we spotted another spout and were lucky enough to have a glimpse of a Southern Right whale. We made our way to the seal colony on Geyser Rock. We cruised up and down the famous Shark Alley to take photos of the seals and have a look at Dyer Island. On our way home we passed the shark cage diving boats without any luck but guests on board were treated to Orca sightings. We identified them immediately as Starboard and Port, both have collapsed dorsal fins. The pair of Orcas are believed to be responsible for the recent shark fatalities in Gansbaai.  The first time we spotted the two in the bay was end of October 2015.














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