04 October 2016 | Whale Watching

The weather today was incredible, with very calm seas and warm sunshine...

Written by Dyer Island Cruises, October 5 2016

04 October 2016 | Whale Watching

Guide Summary and Photographs

The weather today was incredible, with very calm seas and warm sunshine.

Once again we ran two successful whale watching trips out on our boat Dream Catcher. On the morning tour we managed to find three Mother and calf pairs of Southern Right whales off Pearly Beach. We spent time whale watching two of them, but in particular spent a great time with one calf who breached many times near us. We are not completely sure why whales breach, communication, an itch or just having fun, are some of the possibilities. It definitely seemed like the latter was the case with this calf who jumped many times and looked like it was just enjoying life being a baby whale!

Despite spending time by our sister boat Slashfin on this tour, we sadly did not manage to see a Great White shark. But we did as ever get great looks at the huge Cape Fur seal colony on Geyser Rock.

On the second tour we headed straight back to Pearly Beach and again found three pairs of mother and calf Southern Rights. We got an incredible close look at the beginning of the encounter with the first pair. Then, when we headed closer to shore we watched two pairs with one mother lifting her head out of the water a number of times, showing us her incredible callosities!

This tour was lucky enough to see a Great White shark when we stopped by Slashfin on our way home, after visiting the Cape Fur seals as well.
















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