07 October 2016 | Boat Based Whale Watching

We were on the water for three whale watching trips today...

Written by Dyer Island Cruises, October 7 2016

07 October 2016 | Boat Based Whale Watching

Guide Summary and Photographs

We were on the water for three whale watching trips today. There was very little wind, but a little swell left over from the wind we had yesterday.

On all three trips we got to see Southern Right whales, that included mother and calf pairs. On the first trip we saw both a mother and calf and a pair of adult whales, slowing milling around. There was also another pair of whales very close in to shore, playing in the breakers in the distance.

On tour two we spent our time with a Mum and calf pair, getting some lovely looks at them slowly travelling next to us. Then on the third tour the passengers were lucky enough to see two mothers with their calves briefly playing around together as a four-some, before they split up and slowly travelled as pairs. The whales were rolling around a little when they were close together and we briefly got to see one of the calves put its head on top of Mum. This was very cute!

We managed to see a Great White shark very briefly on the first and third tours of the day when we stopped by our sister boat Slashfin. And on trips two and three we saw some African Penguins sitting on the water.

On all three trips our visit to Geyser Rock was full of Cape Fur seal action, with larger males starting to come to the rock ready for mating season and all the juveniles, as ever coming over to take a look at us!
















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